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==> Because He Knows Stuff . . .

Take a couple of minutes to read his story, and you’ll discover why…

coffee time sixnil.com Copywriting, and Business Marketing“Almost twenty years ago, as I clutched a steaming mug of lemon water, my friend Bill was between sips of his frothy coffee.

He wanted to ask if I’d add some magic to his rapidly failing beach-front Book and Gift Store, at the Southern End of Australia’s Gold Coast Tourist Strip.

What’s the Catch?

He gave it to me straight up.

No beating around the bush.

He told me that since the shop was failing, I’d only get paid by making enough money out of the business to pay myself.

Hardly an offer too good to refuse, I thought.

But it got me thinking…

The logical option was to decline the offer and walk away, not buying into his problems.

However, my entrepreneurial curiosity saw excitement in the challenge, as my brain quickly ran past at least twelve possible ways to quickly and immediately increase turnover.

Long story short, within nine months the shop was transformed from near bankruptcy to debt-free and positive cash-flow.

And now other friends wanted to know my secrets, and so I began bringing my magic to their businesses too [Making sure they paid me upfront before I did anything for them].

I was soon working on all sorts of crazy projects, including a Community Radio Station.

I’d been asked to help in raising funds by selling sponsorship packages and airtime with a nice round number [Zero} for the marketing budget…

Selling airtime for a relatively unknown radio station operating on a temporary broadcasting license, with a weak broadcasting signal through lack of updated equipment, was harder than shoveling water up the Niagara Falls with a teaspoon.

Along this journey I soon discovered many businesses who genuinely wanted to support us, needed help in marketing their own business, so they’d have funds to sponsor the radio station.

. . . Which got me thinking

I studied every marketing book I could find. I borrowed every technique and idea I could get my hands on to promote the radio station for zero or very low cost.

I spoke to anyone and everyone, while looking at ways to Joint Venture and leverage.

I started writing a regular column in a local free monthly publication.

Strangers would recognize me in the street and talk to me.

Folks would ask if I was running for Mayor.

It was crazy.

A golf coach asked me to help him market a new side-business, from a zero start. Within a year we’d built a six-figure business.

Without realizing it, or even thinking of such a label, I’d become a business coach.

There were also failures. . .

This was sad, and totally avoidable…Though he worked long hours, and had some great clients, John’s business was struggling.

At least he had the sense to ask for help. Or so I thought…

After I spent a couple of hours going over his business, he asked how could I possibly draw such conclusions, and disregarded my findings, because he knew his business better than anyone.

You see, I gave it to him straight. I told him that if nothing changed he’d be GONE in six months.

Whether he was stubborn, or pride got in the way, I don’t know. Either way, he proved me wrong.

It only took FIVE months before he was GONE.

Asking Questions Business Coaching Sixnil.ComOne day Cathy decided she’d had enough of her boss, his attitude and verbal abuse.

So she quit, hoping she’d be able to start her own business.

She had so many unanswered questions, and a huge amount of fear before coming to me for help.

Within 90 days she’d more than replaced her previous income, working less hours, and was her own boss.

And within six months of quitting her job, we’d gotten her business to where she’d doubled the income she’d got from her nasty boss.

For three years Tracey had struggled to break through a very low glass ceiling in her business.

She just couldn’t get any traction. She was doing all the right things, yet her business just wasn’t growing.

Within three months we’d doubled her turnover, which doubled again in the next three months. Now she was a happy camper, streamlining processes, leveraging her time, and finally enjoying the journey, no longer burdened by unnecessary struggles.

She’s set up an office in town, and has five staff working for her.

My life looked great from the outside, yet something was missing …

I was the plumber with the leaking tap, the painter with peeling walls, the gardener with the overgrown lawns.

I could help everyone else, but couldn’t get out of my own way.

  • I was helping clients, but couldn’t keep them.
  • I got referrals and burned them.
  • I was attracting troublesome clients.
  • I was hating my work
  • I was going backwards

I realized something wasn’t right, but couldn’t pin-point it.

Then I looked in the mirror.

Then I started listening.
I started listening to my clients.
I started asking more questions, as I looked in the mirror.

Then I stopped.

I stopped working with clients.

I took time out, to put time in to look at myself deep within. To work on myself, so I could help myself, so I could help others.

I picked up books I’d read twenty years ago. I re-read them and saw things I’d missed the first time. I watched Ted Talks, Interviews, listened to podcasts. I read more books, blog posts, articles, reports, sales letters, forums, and more books. I listened to audio books, interviews, webinars, and seminars.

Then one day I looked in the mirror.

And saw that I’d changed.

And I got back on the phone.

Having conversations

I started answering emails. I even answered emails that were six months older, and older. I was back in the saddle.

With a new pair of eyes. With a new pair of ears. With a renewed perspective.

And things changed.

Why I can’t help everybody

Because it’s not up to me, it’s up to you.

Even if I see where I can help you.

And if you want help but don’t want to help yourself, chances are it ain’t gunna happen.

You are where you are because you choose to be. And sometimes that hurts.

It hurt like hell for me.

I thought I was perfect, but my bank balance had a different story.

And I was the worst client I could ever possibly dream of having. I knew best. I didn’t need to change. But my bank account told me different.

So now when I see a business, I’ll often see the pain, and move on.

Because it’s not my business…

Until You Ask For Help

Nothing’s going to change if you decide you want nothing to change.

And don’t come to me for help if you don’t want to hear what I’m going to tell you.

Because I’m only going to tell you how it is, and how it can be.

Because I see stuff other folks don’t want to see.

And I’ll ask questions not even your mother or lover would dare ask (about your business).

And I’ll see if we’re a match, and if not at least we can remain friends.

Because I can’t help everyone.

I Know Stuff You Don’t Know

I know lots of stuff that lots of other folks don’t know. They know lots of stuff I don’t know. That doesn’t matter.

What counts is that I connect dots other folks don’t [want to] connect.

I ask questions nobody has ever asked you before about your business. I get to the bottom of the crap, to the root of the problem. Beyond the answer you think I want to hear.

Because if you’re in the garden and just cut the tops of the weeds, and leave the roots, you’re kidding yourself you’ve fixed the problem.

Sometimes your business needs some fertilizer to stimulate the roots. Other times it may need some pruning.

Whatever it is, we’ll work together and fix it!

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==> Five Things You Didn’t Know About Charles <==

1) Started playing Violin aged 8, first public performance Violin Duet aged 13
2) Completed Trilogy “Lord Of The Rings” before 11th birthday
3) Traveled around Italy on $2 per day (many years ago!)
4) Drove a Holden Kingswood solo from Sydney, via Broken Hill, Maree (SA), along the Oodnadatta track, attended a B&S ball beside the old Ghan railway line 300kms from Roxby Downs; got flooded/stranded at William Creek (population 11) with 300 other travelers, for four days, before driving to Coober Pedy and up the Red Centre to Darwin
5)Picked fresh fruit and made Passion fruit jam