Another Happy Copywriting Client Review

Getting the right message is crucial when copy writing for your business. When you’re so closely involved in a project, the “real” message is often so simple, you want to complicate it. By asking the right questions, we can dig through all the camouflage and find that simple hidden copywriting message…

“Hey Charles, You are awesome! Thanks for asking those questions yesterday.

“They were the questions going around in my head.

“I wasn’t happy with what I had written and had been trying to work out what it was that was missing.

“Those questions helped me get much clearer on where I want to go…might mean a bit of restructuring but I already knew that I was going to change it around anyway”
Cameron Gill, Paragon Martial Arts Club in Melbourne

Review From Another Happy Copywriting Client

The outcome is a happy client. By asking the right questions, and digging through camouflage to find the simple hidden copy writing message…

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