Business Growth 101: Back To Grass Roots

7.55am yesterday morning, I get a call from our Horticulturist. Yes, big fancy title, because he’s so much more than a gardener. So much so that I describe him as the “Steve Irwin” of plants.

Unlike Steve, Gavin was never subjected to any more danger than falling out of a tree, or chopping his fingers off with a chain saw.

Yet the passion Gavin has for plants would match or even exceed the crazy antics that Steve Irwin had around animals.

He’d even put David Attenborough to shame walking around your back yard.

To Gavin, it’s not work. It’s his life. Passion, enthusiasm, and energy.

To me they’re just plants. And each plant has a story. The texture and colour of leaves, fragrance, aspect, relationship with neighboring plants…

It’s just like when you get an outsider come into your business…

Within seconds they can smell and feel areas of your business that could benefit from some extra nurturing, a little fertiliser, maybe some trimming back.

How does Gavin know all this stuff about plants? Because everyday he’s seeing similar problems and opportunities arise as he moves from client to client.

Over the years, I’ve spoken to thousands of business owners. Often within minutes I’ll identify their achilles heal, show them opportunities to multiply their profits, and help them get back on track to meet the vision and dreams they yearned for at the outset.

Have you lost sight of your goals? Are you sinking under pressures of your business? Are you struggling to get back on track?

Let’s have a chat, get back to grass, and show you how to multiply your profits.

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