“Caught Siphoning Petrol From His Car”

I heard a knock at the door, and saw a young girl standing beside her Dad.
“Can we cut your grass?”, she asked
“How much?”
She turned to her Dad and muttered something in a Central European language
“What ever you want to pay!”, she repled.
As I nodded, I saw the man off-load a lawnmower from the boot of his twenty year old Mercedes, after siphoning fuel from his petrol tank to put in the lawn mower.

After a job well done and he finished up, I gave him some money. They thanked me, drove away, and came back to the house next door a few minutes later…

I’m guessing he’d driven to the Servo for some more fuel, as he was knocking on the neighbour’s door.

A few weeks later he was back, on his own, with very broken English

“I cut grass?” he asked, I nodded, he smiled, relieved not to be siphoning petrol from his car.

A few months later he’d got himself a trailer, some gardening tools, and a few more words of English…

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