Copy Writing: Why You Need Laughter In Business

Copy Writing Queensland Why You Need Laughter In Business

Some people think good copy writing involves adding humour and laughter in your writing. Dodgy. It can quickly fall flat or bite you in the backside.

Laughter is important medically … you’ve heard it many times…

“Why Laughter Is A Great Medicine …”

Laughter reduces your levels of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine…

These hormones suppress the immune system, opening the floodgates to a host of infections, illnesses and general poor health.

Most people work 35 – 55 hours during five or six days a week. Long time not to be enjoying yourself and having laughter.

When you’re copywriting stick to essentials, core content, and cut out waffle, padding and fluff. People don’t have time for that.

We’ve all been to weddings and sat through uncomfortable speeches loaded with crinch-worthy attempts at jokes or laughter. Normally they fall flat or worse… somebody takes offense.

Same with copywriting. Even if you know your audience…you don’t know what makes them roll around the floor with laughter or how they’ll respond to some smarty-pants comments or feeble attempts at humour.

That’s not your job. Have fun in business, keep the laughter at work, not in the copy-writing.

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