Disturbing Things Happening On The Phone

Yesterday 3.44pm, the phone rings. It’s a “Blocked Number”.

Nine times out of ten I ignore them often being from telemarketers trying to sell something.

The first clue is generally from the volume of constant chatter in the background, along with the greeting from a stranger enquiring about your health.

“Thankyou for asking! By the way, who are you, my Doctor?”

-Oh, no, it’s just a polite way of talking on the phone…

According to rule number what exactly, one wonders.

– Are you the owner of the business?

The business. Which business is that, I wonder. You see, my contact phone number is on most of my websites. Until the conversation develops, I have no idea where they found the phone number, nor the purpose of their call.

Three strikes and they’re gone…
“So what are you trying to sell me today?”

– Oh, nothing, I’m calling from Kikatinalong Marketing Services, and we’re just updating our database…

They want to gain trust from you by telling a total lie? Whether or not they’re just updating their database on THIS CALL, surely the motivation behind that is to grow a list of prospects to whom they are wanting to eventually sell something to.

Inbound Telephone Calls From Banks, ATO etc

Don’t you love receiving calls from your Banking Institution, or better still from the ATO. They’ve got your phone number, called your phone, and then want you to give them your full name, address and date of birth.

Have you ever tried beating them to the punch, and opening your conversation with:
“May I start the call with your full name, address and date of birth please, so I can identify you?”

Often their response is:”Well, you can call me back on this number xx xxxx xxxx “

Oh, well, why not.

A complete stranger calling from an unlisted number, claiming to be from an established organization, wanting private and confidential information from me, expects me to take them on face value and call back the number they’ve just given me.

How does that create confidence in establishing their authenticity?

Secondly, why do you want to waste time and effort, when it was them that called you in the first place?

Lack Of Accountability And Responsibility
Have you ever asked these people to put any of their conversations in writing?

At a recent seminar, held by the Australian Taxation Office, the speaker introduced himself with a disclaimer.

“None of the information I share with you today should be taken at face value. The ATO takes no responsibility for the content of the seminar about to be presented here today”

Then why should anyone waste their time and effort in attending an ATO Information Seminar, if the ATO are not prepared to stand behind it?

An Unnamed Bank Claiming to Be Australia’s First
The call yesterday afternoon originated from one of the Big Four Banks. After satisfactorily identifying the authenticity of the caller, he asked if he could play a recording of the Bank’s disclaimer.

Included in the disclaimer was the fact that the phone call was being recorded “For quality control; and staff training purposes”

– Do you understand the disclaimer?

– Yes

– Can we proceed with the call?

“Yes. Just before we proceed, please be advised this call is being recorded,” I replied.

– I’m sorry, you can’t record the call. It’s against Bank policy

“But the Bank’s recording the call.”

– Yes. But Bank policy is that you can’t record the call. Or if you do, we can’t proceed.

“So what is the Bank afraid of? What is the Bank hiding?”

– It’s standard Bank Policy.

So many disturbing things happening on the phone.

And a number of valuable lessons. How can you apply them in your Small Business? How will you customers respond?

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