Every Action Begins With A Thought

Every New Action Begins With A ThoughtThink about it. Have you ever just done something without first having a thought? An idea without action may not even remain an idea.

It’s gone.


An idea without action can quickly turn into a forgotten dream.

Forgotten for many months or even years, until it’s triggered by chance encounters or the revelation of someone else having a successful outcome based on a similar idea.

Only by taking a thought or an idea and turning it into action, does the adventure begin.

And without stepping out, without starting the process, there’s no way of ever knowing the outcome. No way of ever discovering the potential of a whole world of new experiences, of laughter and tears, happiness and sadness, tension and excitement.

There’s a wealth of experience on offer for anyone willing to embark on such journeys. After all, who knows where you might end up. Stories abound of people who stepped out in faith, for no particular reason, just for the fun of it, and saw extraordinary things develop.

Without taking action, opportunities that may have been, never occur.

Without taking action, you could be missing out on a wonderful new chapter of your life, experiences to help you grow and develop, to share with others, to make an impact in their lives and the lives of those around them.

For life is a journey, not a destination. It’s not about wishing tomorrow would be better than today, it’s about cherish the moment.

Right Now.

Even as you’re reading this.

Enjoying the moment.

Life is filled with choices. From the moment we get up in the morning, to the moment we go to bed. And even after then.

Choices like, do I really have to get out of my nice warm bed to go to the bathroom, or will I be able to wait until the morning?

Some decisions are simple. They have little or no consequences. Like deciding whether or not to have another cup of tea.

Others can be life-changing decisions. Like turning across a busy highway without noticing any oncoming traffic right in your path…

Some people believe their destiny is already mapped out. For others the image of the future is not so direct.

Do you believe in predestination? That your life has been decided even before you were born? Or maybe you believe that you’re in control of your life.

Perhaps you don’ t like the way things are looking in the future and you want to make some changes.

Asking the question: “What if…?” instead of following the trend of: “One day I’ll …(do something)” that never happens through lack of down to earth INTENTION.

Every action begins with a thought. What thoughts are you having right now?

Start taking action by letting us know in the comments box below.

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