Funny Happenings At The Farmers Market

Is marketing Costing your BusinessFunny thing yesterday when I was at the Farmers Market.

Talk about being frustrated by lack of customers or clients…

There’s a mini “Eat Street” and bustling stalls where folks buy breakfast and snacks.

Except for one stall.


No signs of any food being cooked.

And a miserable looking stall-holder.

At first glance you’d wonder what he was selling.

Above head-height out of common line of vision, were photos of his menu, but no description.

You’re left guessing.

And no samples to taste for those unfamiliar with this rare Hungarian delicacy that looked something like a pizza.

So most people walked straight past.

But I stopped, because I was curious.

I’m always looking at how others conduct their business, how they promote their products and services.

That’s who I am.

So I can help other folks grow their businesses.

Trying out new ideas, other ways of doing things.

How Much Is Marketing Costing Your Business

The food stall guy, all he could see was the cost of marketing his business.

He couldn’t see beyond that idea of preparing samples for people to try out,to get a taster.

His only concern was that the cooked food wouldn’t last more than five minutes.


Giving free food away at the markets?

I reckon it’d be gone in less than five minutes.

And that’s how many business owners think.

They think, what if it doesn’t work?

What if I’m wasting my time?

Glass Half Full

What have I got to lose?

So I put together a very simple formula to help my clients pick up five new clients over the next five days…

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