How To Make A Movie Of Your Life

In the past, I struggled with this concept, since I never really knew what was meant by being in the present.

I wanted to “fast-forward” my movie, to skip all the mundane stuff and get to the good bits.

Only there were no Good Bits.

Because I missed them.

I was on a mission.

It was a mission of hunting and gathering…

I was too focused on what might happen in the future, that I forgot to enjoy The Present.

And then one day, it dawned on me.

The Present is just that.

The Present is a gift from God.

The Present is what you have got right now, as you read this. And Now. And Now.

Enjoy it, because you will never have this moment again.

And when you look back at your life, you will realize that every day is made up of moments. Moments just like this. And this. And this.

And what you choose to do in these moments all add up. Just like single frames of a moving picture, that when added together make up the movie of your life.

How many of these moments are you wasting? Are you leaving on the cutting room floor?

Why not go and hug someone? Tell them how much you love them. Tell them how special they are,

Because one day, you will run out of these moments. There will be no more Presents left for you.

Cherish each moment of every day. And cherish every day of each week. And cherish every week of each month.

For each moment of each day of each week of each month is a special present, a special part making up the movie of your life.

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