How To Turn An Idea Into A Reality

Have you ever had a great idea and wished it would turn into a reality? Ideas are mental skeletons that have no substance, no heart, no Body, and no desire, which is often why they disappear as quickly as they arrived…

To turn an Idea into a Reality, first make it come alive in your head – by adding flesh to your mental skeleton.

You do this by creating all the imagery around it, and answering questions such as:
What does it look like?
What shape and size is it?
What does it feel like?
What does it smell like?
Or taste like?

Think of an orange.

Think of the imagery that just popped into your head.

It’s not black in colour, nor is it the size of a pea or a watermelon. It doesn’t smell like an onion or taste like a potato or chilli sauce, because It’s an orange..

As you begin to flesh out your idea, you’ll begin to experience a greater desire to make the idea happen, and soon you’ll see what steps to take and turn it into a reality.

Perhaps you have an idea about some software.

So now imagine the customer sitting at home using that software…

What problem has it solved for them?
What joy does it give them?
How much time has it saved them?
How much money will it make them?
How easy is it for them to use?
How much has it cost them?
How much after sales support do they get?
What other benefits do they get from using the software?
What feelings and emotions do they experience using the software?

This exercise creates excitement, enthusiasm, and most importantly, ACTION.

Ideas without form, substance and body are simply notions without meaning or purpose.

As your idea transforms into a reality with substance, heart and body, it surges with desire and then comes ALIVE, impelling you to take ACTION.

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