Right Message “Simple Health Check For Websites”

Simple Health Check For Websites Copy writing Review

Tristan Ford, SEO Stealth Analyzer, writes:

“Hey I’m Tristan, I have been working on this software for a while and I couldn’t understand why I was not getting any interest in it.

“After speaking with Charles, he has helped me to craft a really simple message, to explain that my software provides a health check for your website.

“It will reveal the holes in your website and show you how to plug them and convert more traffic

“You can check it out www.seostealthanalyzer.com

“Simple To Get The Right Message Across To My Customer”

“Charles has made it so simple to get the right message across to my customer in such a short period of time.

“I highly recommend for you to take up at least an introduction session with Charles, he will blow your mind!!”
Simple Health Check For Websites Copy writing Review

Tristan’s been working on this project for a few months, and knows it like the palm of his hand .. only he got no bites. Not even any nibbles …

He wasn’t doing anything wrong.

It’s the language you use. So important – quickly get the message across before you lose people.

How To Use The Right Words Copy Writing

How do you do that? With Twitter and Google Adwords you learn to craft clear precise messages or you’re wasting time and money

  • Step back and have a look at the problem
  • Get in your customers shoes
  • Think about the last time you were on the receiving end

It’s all about sending the right message out to the marketplace, standing out from the crowd.

A clear concise positioning statement, part of the uniform marketing message, and target the right people to buy your stuff.

I’ll work with you to craft a carefully scripted sales letter, brochure, video script, or whatever marketing material to ensure you start making more money by getting the Right Message to the Right People so they Buy YOUR Stuff …

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