Sales Message: “I Made $15,000 In The First Week!”

 Travis made $15000 in the first week after having the right copy-written sales page

“I Made $15000 In The First Week!” Trav told me.

Trav Bell “the Bucket List Guy” speaks on stages all around the country. He’s a firm believer you shouldn’t wait till you’re old, gray and on your death bed before embarking on your “Bucket List” adventures.

In the Hollywood movie, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, two old men (one of them’s a multimillionaire) are in hospital diagnosed by doctors as terminally ill. Rather than staying in bed waiting today, they embark on their bucket list adventures.

“Trav, don’t you need a stack of money to do “Bucket List” things?”

It’s a common question asked by members of his audience. Trav runs workshops covering the how, what, why of being a BucketLister …

He couldn’t understand why people just didn’t grasp the concept of what he’s offering to help you achieve all your Bucket List items.

Travis and I sat down, knuckling out his business, his message, and what makes his offering so appealing to his audience.

Trav’s passionate about helping others “Live Life On Purpose”.

It’s not just about skydiving, or climbing Everest. There’s a whole range of activities, wishes and dreams deep inside everybody, just waiting to break-out.

Helping you position yourself to get out of your own way, is another of Trav’s ninja gifts …

Our session together was more than brainstorming. We were digging for those hidden gold nuggets that he thinks about every day, the ones that are so obvious, why doesn’t everyone get it?

Composing A Copy Written Script

After our discussion, I locked myself in a room for a few hours, away from any distractions, to dissect his thoughts, words, and message

“I Made $15000 In The First Week!”

Finally, Trav was able to present his message in a way that his audience could grasp, take hold of, and run to the back of the room saying: “Trav, I get it! I want more!”

Now he’s finding more people are benefiting from attending his life changing “Bucket List Experience workshops”

By the end if his first month using our new copy-written script, he generated an additional $80,000.

Having a clear message, that everyone understands, and using that message targeted to the right people will make such a difference to your sales.

I’ll work with you to craft a carefully scripted sales letter, brochure, video script, or whatever marketing material to ensure you start making more money by getting the Right Message to the Right People so they Buy YOUR Stuff …

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