Seven Questions I Asked After My Date With Drew

You know when you come across something you wished you’d thought of first?

Well this may be one of those instances …

You see, it wasn’t even My date, but still worth sharing, because it got me thinking how winning $1100 could turn into such an adventure.

It all started with a crazy and far-fetched idea, involving a guy named Brian Herzlinger, who wanted a date with a particular girl way out of his league [his words].

Regardless of how the date turned out, it was an awesome goal. There was a specific deadline, and a very definite intention.

What intrigued me most was the adventure.

The excitement and very slim possibility he could succeed in his quest, knowing the odds were stacked against him…

Which led me to ask these seven questions:

1) Was he focused?

2) Was he having fun in his quest?

3) Did his journey help in any other areas of his life?

4) Did he make some new connections along the way?

5) Did he have some setbacks?

6) Could he have thrown in the towel at any stage?

7) Was he trying to make a point, a name for himself, and get some free publicity?

Often we get so dragged down by the day-to-day happenings in our business we forget to look for opportunities for having fun.

Yes, but it’s different for Brian Herzlinger, you might think, because he’s a film maker.

Back in 2004 he won $1100 in a Pilot of a TV quiz show. The winning answer was “Drew Barrymore” the actress whom Brian had admired since he was a kid.

Brian’s goal was to secure a date with Drew, and document the adventure, which became an awarding winning film “My Date With Drew”.

Not a bad effort for his $1100 budget, bringing in $262,700 at the box office [according to Wikipedia]

He had guts, determination, and didn’t take his eye off the prize. Perhaps what’s more important, was his passion to succeed.

Having to pick up the phone and make calls knowing he could have been laughed at and rejected.

Having to borrow money to get things happening, with no idea of what the outcome was going to be.

Of being knocked back time after time, and having people [including himself] tell him to quit.

Sounds familiar, hey!

What crazy goal could you set for your business, to bring adventure, fun and excitement, with the possibility of a fabulous reward at the end?

Not that it was the end for Brian.

More like a new beginning taking him to a higher level in his career, with recognition and accolades from his peers as well as many other intangible benefits…

I’d love to hear about your adventures….

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