When people Say NO To Their Dreams

Self Destruction comes in many forms, affecting people both on the conscious and sub-conscious level

It’s a “built-in” safety mechanism, designed to keep us alive, left over from the Caveman days.

It’s sad to see gifted and talented people suffering due to their own BS

BS from little voices in your head stealing your dreams

What does it take to turn “One Day” into “Someday” into “Today”?

For twenty years, “someday” I was going to visit South America, and see Machu Pichu

I was so keen to do this trip, I had no idea where it was, how I’d get there, and what ws involved

That’s how keen I was

Who was I kidding?

Last year an opportunity came up – a bunch of people were heading off to Machu Pichu

I’d loved to have gone, but had no money.

My wife decided we needed to go, so, amazingly, we found the money.

The easiest path was to say “NO” to my dreams, and still be saying “One Day…”

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