Which Is A Bigger Pain?

tipping point in your businessI’ve been putting off mowing the lawn for a couple of weeks, as other things seemed a bigger priority.

Crazy thing – the longer you leave some tasks, the more work is required to complete them.

As was the case with the grass. It had gone beyond the length of mowing without the blades getting jammed

So I needed to first trim the grass with the brushcutter or whipper snipper.

By putting off the task, I’d made myself more work, and so the pain of mowing the grass was becoming bigger than the pain of leaving it.

Which is crazy, because the longer I put off the task, the harder it’s going to be.

Which got me thinking about some of the tasks we’re faced with in business.

I’ve been speaking to a couple of clients recently, both are short of clients.
Yet the pain of them not going out and finding new clients seems to be less than the struggle they feel they’ll need to face in their hunt for new clients.

There comes a tipping point. When the dog’s more uncomfortable sitting on a thistle, then getting off his backside and out of his confort zone.

What’s the tipping point in your business?

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