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“Charles has a Unique Ability to Identify People’s Genius and Overcome their Business Challenges”
Mari P, Human Behavioral Consultant

George H, Business Owner, writes:
”Thank you for opening my eyes. You’ve given me a superb missile to launch from tomorrow.
I’ve contacted 8 already and the response was beyond my expectation.
In April alone I have so far won a total of 9 new clients.
And the last two weeks am receiving enquiries from people I had no prior contact with…”

“I met with Charles and all I can say is WOW! I was blown away at the take aways I had from such a brief meeting… I am looking forward to connecting again soon” … Andrew Hawkes, Author, Business Coach

Charles focuses on results. He’s passionate about supporting local businesses. And the Farmers Markets. While buying fresh seasonal organic fruit and vegetables, he’ll be chatting to stall holders. About where their produce comes from. What’s in season. How it’s grown. And how to increase their business…

Anywhere and everywhere he’ll chat to business owners when he’s out and about…

That’s just the way he is. Always looking at things from another perspective, searching for opportunities that are being overlooked…

Charles is different from other copywriters I have worked with - you are a lot more than a copywriter and also someone with a lot more business intelligence and strategy behind you

Asking questions, Learning more about people, business, and enjoying life.

(…What Others Have Said)

“I just connected with Charles. He suggested some fabulous ideas to implement for our business – to look at some numbers on customers, who they are, where they come from etc – so I am really thankful for the support shown here. Thanks heaps Charles – we will stay in touch, your chat was very worthwhile.”
Greg Dodge

Travis Bell, The Bucket List Guy:

“I read through the copy you wrote for me each time just before I’m selling on stage. It’s great reading that sales copy before I do a presentation.

That helps me with my sales.

… What you’ve written for me has made me money … It’s a great
reminder for me, about all the outcomes that I end up producing for people …”

Ruby Johnson-Copywriting

“Hi My name is Ruby Johnson
… Before meeting Charles I had trouble explaining exactly what I do.

“After talking with Charles we formulated a super clear statement about my services.

“Charles extracted and put in a nutshell exactly what he was hearing from me.

Now when someone asks me what I do, I have a short clear statement which has meaning for them and also clearly explains what I do.

Moving forward, I have a positioning statement about my coaching business
Thank you so much Charles, really appreciate your help”

“Charles Cuts To The Bone”

“Sometimes the isolation of micro business can throw your perspective out of kilter.

“Before speaking with Charles I was looking at dispersing my efforts even more widely than before in a misguided attempt to increase the robustness of my income streams.

“He helped me clearly see my plans didn’t match my own life/business goals.copy-writer-copywriting-right-message Mike-Smith-Wedding-Steps-Dance-Copy-Writer-QueenslandNow I’m moving forward focusing on what will make a real difference, while still doing what I really enjoy and feeding off the passion that generates.

“I would recommend Charles to my friends because he cuts to the bone of what may be holding you back.”
Thanks Charles!

Mike Smith, Wedding Steps

“You really dig deep to find the answers that help people move forward… you have the gift of being able to see through the BS…“

Damien Murdoch, Marketing Consultant, Noosa, Queensland

“….Clarity, Direction and Insightful Support…”

“Before working with Charles I had a myriad of ideas about what I could do and how I would do it – some were effective and others not so much.

“While speaking with Charles a wealth of great ideas became brilliant ideas that were easy to implement and produced much more effective outcomes.

“Since working with Charles I have a clearer path forward and much greater connections with the range of people that my entrepreneurial business ideas bring me into contact with daily.

“I’d recommend Charles to others who are looking for clarity, direction and insightful support! Hold onto your seats, it’s full on!“

Jacqui Chaplin, Artist, Speaker, Author, Amoebic Frog Designs, Melbourne

“I believe Charles is at the top 5% in the world driven to achieve at a very high level of performance …”

Debra Seymour, Tenterfield, NSW

“Charles has an innovative approach to addressing things …”

Paul Evans, AgriBusiness, Worongary, Queensland

copy-writing-copy-writer-copywriter-lawrie.jpg“Charles is very good at solving problems .. and can explain it to others so they understand it …”

Lawrie Montague, Mind On the Game, Perth, WA



Worth His Weight In Gold

“Cut through is what you get with Charles!
No waffles served when you talk to Charles and he will serve you well…
Charles added massive value to my business in a short conversation …This man is worth his weight in gold…”, writes Adrian Pon

No Sugar Coating

Tristan Ford writes:” ….Talked on the phone for 20 mins and he had me sold … and I’m not that easy to sell to!

“What I liked the most, was there was no sugar coating … Tells it how it is so you can get on with business (Unlike others).”